In Today’s world, large number of working professionals belong to IT profession and bloggers too come in this category regardless of their part time or full time blogging.

There are numerous health problems faced by those people and the main reasons for their unhealthy conditions are:

» Carelessness on their own health
» No time to take care of themselves
» Long hours work
» Mental strain or stress

I would like to help you with some very simple and useful tips. And I hope that it will help you all in living better and longer with good health.

1. Back pain, neck pain and hand pain :

These problems can be solved by stretching your neck before starting your work and do some simple exercises for your hand, wrist and fingers. Posture is important and you must maintain straight posture. Take breaks in between your work if you are working for long hours.

2. Eye problems:

Eye problems are very common. For this you have to avoid sitting long hours before computer or laptop screens. Drink more water to avoid puffiness. Do some eye exercises (refer some exercises related to eyes). You can use anti-glare glasses to avoid strain on eyes.

3. Obesity and weight gain:

These problems are due to sedentary life style. The only solution for this is to exercise and exercise. Do daily morning exercises for at least 30 minutes or if you have no time you can do it in your working place or office before starting your work. AVOID JUNK FOODS.

4. Stress and depression:

To solve these problems you must have positive attitude. Have enough sleep and relax your mind by practicing meditation and yoga.

5. Bad addictions ( alcohol and smoking):

This is a very important which must be seriously looked into. People living in this tech world are very easily get carried away by the addictions which are very bad for the health and wealth as well. Learn tips that can help you in avoiding those addictions. Consult your doctor and take counseling.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you to lead a very happy and healthy life.

Note: This post is Guest Blogged by Rajesh Moganti of