Sherweb is a name to reckon with when it comes to exchange hosting and web hosting. Organizations and companies can stand to immensely benefit from Sherweb, because it has excellent systems, manpower and tools in place to manage your email and web operations. This helps eliminate the need of having an email or web infrastructure, which means you make a drastic reduction in costs, while paving way for bigger profit margins.

The Exchange hosting solutions offered by Sherweb comes with “Hosted Exchange 2007” which gives you 3 GB of storage per mailbox at just $8.95 per month. It also has a high quality anti-spam solution that removes 98 percent of all junk messages. Along with the 3 GB storage per mail box, you also get features like advanced anti-virus filtering, free mobile synchronization, free copy of Outlook 2007 and free Sharepoint. With Sharepoint, various sets of teams in your company can collaborate together on a project or manage meetings from one place.

The Sharepoint Web Hosting is easily the best in the business with unlimited bandwidth and 99.99 percent uptime, daily backups and totally free tech support. There are three plans here, Starter Hosting, Expert Hosting and Premium Hosting. While Starter Hosting gives you 1 GB web space at $7.25 per month, Expert Hosting comes for $14.95 per month and gives you 10 GB of web space. The Premium Hosting gives you 20 GB of web space and comes for $28.95 per month.

Hosted Sharepoint is ideal for empowering small and medium businesses online. Hosted Sharepoint helps you to access Sharepoint services hosted at Sherweb. Here you get a strong, flexible platform with features and functionalities that can make it easy for teams in your organization to communicate, co-ordinate and work together with remarkable ease. Hosted Sharepoint has four types of products on the offer for unlimited users: Sharepoint 200 MB ($8.95 per month), Sharepoint 2 GB($19.95 per month), Sharepoint 10 GB($59.95 per month) and Sharepoint 50 GB($139.95 per month). All the four have features like project collaboration, document sharing and mobile access.
Sherweb has a rich experience of over 9 years to its credit. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and also has a service provider licensing agreement (SPLA) with them. It is also a Blackberry Alliance member. There are no hidden charges or fees in any of their products. Low price and high quality performance products are guaranteed at Sherweb.