Keyword density plays an important role to get your blog/website highly ranked in Search Engines like Google,yahoo,etc.So, let's see what is keyword density and how to calculate it?

Keyword density is the ratio between the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page to the total number of words contained on it. The normal range of keyword density is around 4-5% ,but it varies among search engines.

Here are some of the tips on how to place the keywords on a site to make them favorable for Search engines:

● Always make sure that you place your main keywords near the start of the web page and at the beginning of the post/article. Another effective way is to place the keyword or phrase in the Title tag.

● Don't repeat the same keyword too many times just to increase the Keyword density... Search engines consider this as keyword spamming and they may even ban your site for this offence. On the other hand, if the keyword density is too low, you may not rank well in search engines.

● Remember that you are creating the content for your readers, not just for the search engines... If the paragraph doesn't sound right when you read it back, you probably gone too far.

So, Keyword Density is an important factor to consider when creating web pages. If your Keyword Density is too high or even too low, it effects your SERP's (Search Engine Rank Position's) highly.