Yeah! Another Stunning Blogger Template for all of the readers..
Over the past few days I saw so many of you guys blogging about this site and some are leaving very encouraging comments... that recharged me a bit...
so.. here's today's template "Graffiti Art".
If you have any art,design or any personal weblog, this theme well suits for your site..
As you can see,the theme was very good looking with a Gorgeous 3D header image and lovely navigation links at the top and a nice sidebar.
This template was originally a Wordpress theme by I converted that into Blogger Xml format and hope you all like it!



Installation Help:
1. First Install the template by following the instructions here.

2.Once you installed the template,you have the edit the top links

edit the navlinks

Go to 'Edit html' and scroll down the template code and find this piece of html code (hit Control+F to search)

Now, change the text(Home,About,etc) and add the respective links by Replacing the YOUR-LINK-HERE

3.And the final step is adding your Feedburner url
edit the feedburner url Find this code:

and Write your Feedburner url in the place of YOUR-FEEDBURNER-URL
and Save the changes!!

Leave a comment if you like the template of if you have any questions..