Download Wonderful Blogger Template 'Connexion'-
Ok... as I promised before to design more and more Blogger templates for you guys.. here is my latest entry 'Connexion'.This was originally a wordpress theme designed by Jinsona of for users.I converted it to our friendly blogger :)

Take a look at the below screenshot or look at this Live Demo of the template and download here.

Connexion Blogger Template Screenshot

Please read the below instructions carefully:
After uploading the template using the upload button in "Template »» Edit html", you have to do a couple of things.
1.Change the top navigation links to your desired ones..

this is how to do:-

Scroll down the template untill you find this piece of code...

and Replace the anchor text (Home,pictures,etc) and add the corresponding link replacing the # symbol

2. Change the RSS Feed link. Find this code below

and Replace the feedburner link (http........./yourfeed) to your's and SAVE THE CHANGES.

Hope you like it! More template are on the way... don't forget to come back and check for updates!