Download Beautiful design Blogger Template "Field of Dreams"

Here is another wonderful Blogger Template for you guys "Field of Dreams". As you can see, the template is very good,professional looking two column blogger template. Originally it was a wordpress theme designed by I converted it to Blogger Format.Hope you like it :)

After downloading the template, Unzip it and upload the xml file using the upload template option in Template » Edit html

»After uploading the template, you can convert the links and text at the top navbar (see the screenshot below)

Scroll down the template until you see this code:

Change the Anchor text (ex: Home,Pictures,Videos,Contact) and enter the corresponding url in between the a href tags


Hope you like my work! More template are coming very very soon..(atleast a template each day). Please don't forget back and check for updates.

Reply to Bernadette Anee's comment:

Go through the template code and find this

and replace the above code with this one

and Save the template.

Adding Time stamp to your blog:-
NOTE: This is for those who downloaded the template before August 22,2008
Go to Template » Edit html
and find this code (Control+F to search)

<span class='post-author'>

<b:if cond='data:top.showAuthor'>

<data:top.authorLabel/> <>



and add this code just below the above code and Save the template.

<b:if cond='data:post.dateHeader'> on