Furniture niche Related Blogger Template 'Communist'-Download
Here is my today's Blogger Template 'Communist'.The Template well suits for any furniture or shopping related niche sites.It was well designed,two column with 3d rss button and beautiful navigation bar at the top.This was originally a wordpress theme by Jinsona of converted it to Blogger.
Have a look at the below screenshot or look at the Live Demo and download this beautiful template here.

Communist Blogger Template Screenshot

Please read the below instructions carefully

After downloading the template, unzip it and go to Templates »» Edit html and upload the xml file using the upload button and Save the Changes.

1.After that, you can change the top navigation links to yours.

change the navigation links to yours Go through the template and find this code

and change the Anchor Text and the corresponding links.

2.Next, change the Rss feedburner url to yours by simply finding this code below and replacing the feedburner url (http....feed.feedburner.. /yourfeed) to yours.

change the rss feedburner url 3.And the final important thing is change the date header format by going to Settings»» Formatting tab

Change the Date Header Format

Hope you like the template! Please leave a comment if you like the template or have any question to ask.

More template are on the way..... DON'T forget to comeback and download more beautiful templates.


Reply to Kaushik's Comment:

Hi Kaushik,If you post more than one post on a given day,.. the latest post will show the date.If you don't like this,.. here is the solution
go though the template code and find this: (it's around the 672 line)

and Replace it with this one

and Save the template and go to settings>>formatting and change the timestamp format which you like.
this works! :)