Here it is guys.. the todays template "Peppers 3 column Blogger Template".
Few people are asking me to design 3 column blogger templates over the past week and so.. So, here it is.. The template comes with well designed,fully packaged, 3 column dark Blogger layout.This wonderful design was first a wordpress theme designed by Jinsona of for users. I converted it into our friendly Blogger format!
Have a look at the below screenshot,look at the Live Demo here and download this awesome template here.

Peppers template screenshot

After downloading the template and installing it, you have to do a few things...

1.First,change the navigation links at the top.

edit the navlinks in the template Scroll down the template code and find this piece

and Change the links and the corresponding text there.

2.Next, change the Rss feed link to yours

Search for this code and change the feed url to yours.

change the rss feed link 3.Third one is, if you hav sites like 'make money online etc,.. you can put the advertisers banners in that place.. otherwise, you can put some clickable pictures in that area.
change the ad pictures just look for this code

If you don't want to have those ads.. just remove that piece of code.

More templates are on the way