Well,Several people were asking me what ecpm stands for and how to calculate it.So, I decided to write a post on 'What is epcm and how it is calculate it?'

epcm means "effective cost per thousand ad impressions".
It is calculated by the below equation:-

eCPM = [earnings/ad impressions] * 1000

I give you an example:-
If your ad is shown 500 times and your earning is $3.50,then your eCPM is
[3.50/500]*1000 = 7
So,for thousand ad impressions,you will get $7

The equation is simple,the more eCPM you have,the more $$ you will get.
There are a few tips which will increase your eCPM very well.I will reveal them in my next post.

If you want to increase your adsense CTR,placing ads inside or between blog posts will definetly increase your revenue.
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