This post explains how to add a "Email me" link in your blog/webpage.
With this,if some one clicks on the "Email me" link, the visitor's microsoft outlook express will be open by default.If he/she wants to send via other services like gmail,yahoo,rediff,etc..they will simply copy your email address from the outlook express and send.[see the below screenshot]
how to add email me link

So,how to do this?
Simple! look at the below example.
If your email is some abc[at]yahoo[dot]com, here is the html code to add

The output will be like this[click on it to check]

Email me

[you can change the 'anchor text'(Email me) to your own words like "contact us",etc]

If you want to add this in your blogger blog sidebar,do this
Sign in to your blogger dashboard>layout>add a page element>html/javascript
and paste the above code(don't forget to change the email address in the above code with your's) and SAVE THE CHANGES.

questionBut,why are we adding this clickable email links instead of giving your visitors directly your email address?
Good question!If you give it directly,then search engines,etc crawl it and there are more chances for the spammers to find your email and your personal emails are flooded with full of spam which is not goodtwisted.

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