This post explains how to add hyperlinks to text,how to make hyperlinks open in new window.

If you don't know what hyperlinks means?Hyperlink means a link which when clicked go to another section of document or webpage,etc.
Here are a few examples:
Put youtube videos in your blog
Disable navbar in blogger blog

As you can observe the above links,when clicked go to another page.
So,how to add the hyperlink,
Adding hyperlink(open in the same window):

Here is the sample code to do it

Example: put inplace of
TEXT HERE - Google
target -

So,the html code looks like

and the output will be Google

How to add hyperlink(open in new window):
Anyone don't want their visitors to go away from their site.So,placing links which open in new window is very useful and very good thing to do.
So,here is the code

the output will looks like Google (If you click on the link,it will open in the new window)

As you can observe,we added the attribute "target......blank" to make this happen.
Not in this case, add that attribute to any link(image or text) to make them open in new window.
If you want to know how to add hyperlinks(html codes) to IMAGES, please refer this.
How to add hyperlinks to images