Adding Recent Comments widget to your blogger(blogspot) blog:

As in the name 'Recent Comments Widget',this widget shows the most recent comments in your blog.
Adding this type of widget to your blog attract the visitors and inspire them to leave a comment.So,this can increase your comments number and increases the interactivity between your readers and you.
It will make people to visit your blog again to check the comments if they found anything interesting.So,adding'Recent Comments Widget' will make your visitors come back again and again and increases your traffic(atleast a little bit).

So,how to install this widget?
1.Sign in to your blogger dashboard>layout>Add a page element>html/javascript

2.and copy the below javascript code and paste it.

3.Don't forget to SAVE THE CHANGES.

Note:Replace the '' with your blog name.
and one more thing.......
This widget shows 5 most recent comments by default.If you want to change this,simply replace the 'a_rc=5" with your desired number in the given Javascript code.