This post shows you how to add pictures,clickable images,images(open in new window),etc.
If your site is full of text,then it will spoil the look of your blog.So,if you add some pictures here and there in the sidebars in your blog,then it will give your blog a professional look.
Let's see how to do it.
Adding a picture(unclickable one):
First upload your photo to any free image hosting site like will provide an url(link) directly to the photo.Take a note of the url and use the code below replacing the url( from http to jpg) in the code to your original one.(Set your own dimensions to suite your needs)

The image looks like this(unclickable)

john cena

Code to add a clickable image:
Here is the code to add a clickable image(open in the same window)

In the above code, is the target url(replace that url with your desired target url) and
the image url aswell(set your own image dimensions).
The output image will looks like this

john cena

Clickable image(open in new window):
Here is the code for it

The output image looks like

john cena

(click on the images if you want to test)

If you want to add the pictures in sidebar,sign into your blogger account>add a page element>html/javascript>paste the code and save the changes.

If you have any doubts,you can ask your questions via comments and get the answers.