Add to Favorites Javascript Code for your blog:

Make it easier for your visitors to add your blog to their favorites by adding a 'Add to Favorites' link in your blog.
Well,it definetly increases the chances to add your blog to their favourites.More Favorites means more people revisit your site and it definetly increases your blog traffic.
Here is the Javascript Code:

<a href="javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('', 'Kranthitips-Tips for new bloggers')">Add KRANTHITIPS to your favorites </a>

It will look like this:

Add KRANTHITIPS to your favorites

CLICK ON it if you want to test it and add Kranthitips to your favourites & You can learn much more tips and tricks.
NOTE:Don't forget to change the address(url) in the above code to your blog url.

How to install it in your blogger blog?

Sign in to your blogger dashboard>layout>add a page element>html/javascript
and paste the above code(by replacing the address with your blog url) and SAVE THE CHANGES.

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